The Wardrobe (1974)

Feature Film Studio of the Radio and Television Committee
Premiere 15.07.1974, 67 min., black-and-white

A young family buys a wardrobe. Suddenly it turns out that the wardrobe can think and speak. It starts interfering with their lives and dictating them the choice of the clothes they wear, the plays they visit, and the music they listen to. Ultimately the wardrobe acquires total control and starts manipulating their daily lives. The struggle against it fails, because the fortress has been betrayed by the defenders – the wife’s will has already been broken and she bows to the wardrobe’s “requirements”. Everything seems lost when the hero wakes up to find this has been a nightmare. But next he sees his wife giving directions to the porters bringing in their new wardrobe. The real one.

Directed by Georgi Dyulgerov
Cinematography by Georgi Angelov
Production Design by Georgi Todorov
Original Music by Bozhidar Petkov
Rose Marie de Meo (Kameliya)
Filip Trifonov (Radoslav)
Yitzhak Finzi (Associate Professor)
Vasil Mikhaylov (Voice of The Wardrobe)
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