The Warden of the Fortress (1974)

Boyana Feature Film Studio – Sredets Creative Team
Premiere 03.05.1974, 78 min., colour

Alexander, a 20-year-old conscript who has just completed his army service, returns to his native town on the bank of the river Danube. Here, his friends are killing time in the café, dreaming about the coming summer. Their lives are before them and they all plan to seek happiness. Alexander’s dream is to go to university and be with Asya, a girl he met briefly but memorably during his army service. While waiting for the results of the entrance exams, Alexander works as warden and tour guide at the medieval fortress near his town. One day a noisy company stops in front of the heavy, studded iron gates of the fortress. Even though the fortress is closed for restoration and a group of school kids has just been turned away, the boss orders Alexander to let the noisy company in as an exception. Alexander refuses to obey and loses his job. Asya is among the young people in the privileged company. She explains awkwardly that she is on a fun tour of the country with her friends but will write to him when she gets back. The summer draws to an end, Alexander’s friends return to the small town, some successful, some disappointed. Every day Alexander waits for two letters, one from the university and one from Asya. Finally the postman stops in front of his door…

Directed by Milen Nikolov
Cinematography by Tsvetan Chobanski
Production Design by Violeta Yovcheva
Original Music by Aleksandar Bruzitsov
Yordan Kovachev (Alexander)
Katya Stoilova (Asya)
Aleksnadar Pritup (Azmanov)
Georgi Mamalev (Mitaka)
Maria Karel (Pepa)
Angel Georgiev (Popcheto)
Todor Todorov (Aleksi)
Kliment Mikhaylov (Vaneto)
Silviya Rangelova (Emiliya)
Pavel Poppandov (Pepi)
Tomaitsa Peteva (Veska)
Zdravko Petrov (Slavcho)
Georgi Stoyanov (The Boss)
Anton Karastoyanov (Angel)
Damyan Antonov (The Father)
Maria Braykova (The Mother)
Nikolay Atanasov (Misho)
Kalcho Kalchev (Andreevski)
Poster by Bozhidar Ikonomov
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