A Band With No Name (1982)

Boyana Feature Film Studio – Sredets Creative Team
Premiere 04.01.1982, 117 min., colour
Union of Bulgarian Film Artists 1982 Directing Prize
Union of Bulgarian Film Artists 1982 Film Score Prize
First Prize for Feature Film, International Festival of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo 1983
The film was declared the best Bulgarian film of all times by the readers of the 24 Chasa daily in 2005 and favourite Bulgarian film by the listeners of Atlantic radio in 2006.

In a small town, four ambitious and idealistic amateur musicians dream of fame and success. Everything seems well arranged – they are going to play at a luxury hotel in a modern seaside resort. They only lack an amplifier and loudspeakers. The director of the municipal cultural department promises to give them the equipment but it turns out to be bundled with a beautiful yet talentless female vocalist. The band accepts the compromise and hits the road. The long-awaited tour begins, as does the mismatch between dreams and reality. At the seaside they find that the “friend” at the hotel where they hoped to play has cheated them. After looking for jobs at less and less glamorous locations, they reconcile themselves to a small beer garden in a camping site at a faraway beach. Reni, the vocalist that was foisted on them, soon becomes a favourite with the manager and a nightly hit with the restaurant public. Just as the boys begin to enjoy their modest success, Reni unexpectedly chooses to abscond with an Italian tourist. The four friends fail to persuade her to return and, even worse, drop down with fatigue at the wedding of the restaurant manager’s daughter. A nasty brawl leaves them picking the pieces of their shattered dreams, preparing to head home.

Directed by Lyudmil Kirkov
Cinematography by Viktor Chichov
Production Design by Asya Popova
Original Music by Boris Karadimchev
Velko Kanev (Velko)
Filip Trifonov (Filip)
Pavel Poppandov (Pavel)
Georgi Mamalev (Gosho)
Katerina Evro (Reni)
Maria Kavardzhikova (Vanya)
Dimitar Manchev (Mitashki)
Nikolay Nikolaev (Italian)
Zhivka Peneva (Pepi)
Zinka Drumeva (Telephone Operator)
Georgi Rusev (Petar)
Ivan Tsvetarski (Peshev)
Anton Radichev (Pepi’s Husband)
Ivan Yanchev (Photographer)
Stoyan Stoychev (Service Station Head)
Ivan Obretenov (Guard)
Lili Eneva (Gosho’s Mother)
Radka Yalumova (Filip’s Mother)
Rumyana Purvanova (Mitashki’s In-Law)
Rositsa Yancheva
Katya Koleva
Dobri Dobrev
Dimitar Georgiev
Ivan Popov
Iliya Vangelov
Boris Radivenski
Poster by Asen Stareishinski
Audiovideo Orpheus 2005
PAL, colour, 112 min., all regions
Audio: Bulgarian | Subtitles: Български / English / Español / Deutsch / Français / Руский
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