Equilibrium (1983)

Boyana Feature Film Studio – Second Creative Team
Premiere 17.07.1983 – 13th International Film Festival, Moscow, 140 min., colour
Silver Medal, 13th International Film Festival, Moscow 1983
Union of Bulgarian Film Artists 1983 Directing Prize
First Prize, Festival of Bulgarian Feature Films, Varna 1984

A film crew arrives at the seaside to shoot a film entitled Equilibrium. Neither the actors nor the director can figure out precisely why the scriptwriter has chosen this title. Milko, a driver working for the film crew, dreams of taking part in automobile races; his wife Elena is the cashier of the production. Maria, an assistant to the director, comes between them. The story intertwines ordinary daily lives with the world of filmmaking into a drama ending with Elena’s suicide. The film crew witness this drama silently. Yet the shooting of the film and its story suddenly recede in importance before the real-life drama, a drama for which these people prove unprepared and which disturbs their inner equilibrium. To some this is an unpleasant episode that must be forgotten as quickly as possible, but to others, such as the scriptwriter and the director, it provides an occasion to re-evaluate their own lives and the films they have been making. They are shaken by the revelation that they have allowed life to pass them by in hiding from reality behind empty phrases and making pointless films. It turns out the equilibrium that everybody aspires to may all too easily turn into unconcern. At whose expense do we achieve our own equilibrium?

Directed by Lyudmil Kirkov
Cinematography by Dimko Minov
Production Design by Georgi Todorov
Original Music by Boris Karadimchev
Georgi Georgiev – Gets (Screenwriter)
Konstantin Kotsev (Director)
Plamena Getova (Elena)
Pavel Poppandov (Milko)
Katerina Evro (Maria)
Vanya Tsvetkova (Vanya the Actress)
Stefan Danailov (Actor)
Luchezar Stoyanov (Photography Director)
Nevena Simeonova (Elena’s Mother)
Maria Stefanova (Dora the Screenwriter’s Wife)
Ivan Dzhambazov (Executive Producer)
Stefan Iliev (Maria’s Father’s Friend)
Dobri Dobrev
Lyuben Chatalov
Anton Radichev
Vladimir Davchev
Asparukh Sariev
Sonya Markova
Neli Monedzhikova
Georgi Todorov
Katya Paskaleva
Anton Gorchev
Ivan Ivanov
Victor Chichov
Lyudmil Kirkov
Poster by Bozhidar Ikonomov
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