Even God Has Come Down To See Us (2001)

Canal +, MACT Productions, Post Scriptum 2
Premiere 06.07.2001 – 36th International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, 123 min., colour
Best Director Prize, 26th Golden Rose Festival, Varna 2004
Bulgarian Film Critics’ Prize, 26th Golden Rose Festival, Varna 2004
Special Prize of the Jury, 15th Zolotoy Vityaz International Film Festival, Serpukhov 2006

Kesten is a tiny charming village where the borders of Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece meet. French anthropologist Francois Denys comes to the village to study the risk of ethnic conflict in this part of the Balkans. His choice is not random - his father, a mining engineer, once developed the mines next to the village. Vladimir is the representative of all branches of officialdom in Kesten – he is the mayor, headmaster of the school (which has stood empty for 10 years), and head of the local post office. In performing conscientiously all three functions, Vladimir gradually develops triple personality disorder – the mayor turns into his own wife Maria’s secret lover, the headmaster is madly jealous of the mayor, while the postman woos Maria with awkward timidity. Francois becomes unwillingly drawn into the absurd life of the small village. Thus, in the autumn of 1998, the population of France grows by another 17 people – the total population of the village of Kesten, when the tipsy Vladimir and Francois send an official telegram to the Palais de l’Elysée to inform the president of their wish. In Kesten, on the border between two continents, three states, and two religions, the borders between real and unreal become blurred. Nothing is impossible and even wine flows instead of water out of the taps.

Directed by Petar Popzlatev
Cinematography by Emil Khristov and Eli Yonova
Production Design by Georgi Todorov
Original Music by Antoni Donchev
Yitzhak Finzi (Writer)
Katya Paskaleva (Cinema Cashier)
Philippe Voltaire (Francois)
Samuel Finzi (Vladimir)
Svetlana Yancheva (Maria)
Ivaylo Khristov (Stoyan)
Virginia Kelmelite (Bistra)
Marius Kurkinski (Stoyan’s Brother)
Yosif Surchadzhiev (Pilot)
Vladimir Penev (Boris Savov)
Aleksandar Doynov (Dimitar the Gypsy)
Maya Novoselska (Elena, Dimitar’s Wife)
Vulcho Kamarashev (Sando-Sabri)
Yordan Spirov (Asen-Ali)
Dimitar Dobrev (Mikhail-Mustafa)
Valentin Tanev (Conductor)
Khristo Gurbov (Camera Operator)
Vasil Vasilev (Soldier)
Denitsa Petrova (Soldier’s Girlfriend)
Petar Peykov (Simo)
Chavdar Monov (Tsolo)
Plamen Sirakov (Winery Manager)
Dimitar Marin (Winery Technician)
Plamen Panchev (Winery Guard)
Krustyu Lafazanov
Filip Georgiev
Borislav Stoilov
Valeri Malchev
Deyan Machev
Petyo Krustev
Anna Surchadzhieva
Yana Stoyanovich
Audiovideo Orpheus 2004
PAL, colour, 123 min., 16:9, all regions
Audio: Bulgarian | Subtitles: Български / Français / English
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