Sparrows in October (2006)

Bulgarian National Television, Koulev Film Production
Premiere 04.09.2006 – 27th Golden Rose Festival, Varna, 117 min., colour
Union of Bulgarian Film Artists’ Prize, 27th Golden Rose Festival, Varna 2006
Prize for Original Music, 31st Golden Chest International Television Festival, Plovdiv 2006
Setting: Dervent village, somewhere in north-western Bulgaria, in the early 21st century.
Residents: Pascal, who is always looking for ways to rescue the village from the abyss of unemployment and poverty; Anani, who dreams of being a wax model at Madame Tussaud’s; Yovan the shepherd; Miro; who keeps an ostrich; the Neighbour, an eternal malcontent; the Chicken, the village drunkard; and the hesitant Mayor.
Worth seeing: a species of Tower of Babel that rises above the village, a product of the complex relations between the villagers and the State as represented by the electrical company.
Historical event: one day Pascal is visited by an Angel, who brings a message – if people in the village do not start smiling more and being kinder to each other, God will stop helping them. Of course, after this conversation the situation never changes an inch.
Directed by Anri Koulev
Cinematography by Svetla Ganeva
Production Design by Anastas Yanakiev
Original Music by Lyubomir Denev
Petar Popyordanov (Pascal)
Naum Shopov (The Angel)
Ivan Ivanov (The Mayor)
Valentin Tanev (Yovan the Shepherd)
Tsvetan Aleksiev (Jeremiah)
Lyubomir Petkashev (Miro)
Deyan Donkov (The Neighbour)
Maya Novoselska (The Chicken)
Stefka Yanorova (Pascal’s Wife)
Linda Ruseva (Frau Klappermann)
Krasimir Kutsuparov (Helmut)
Lyuben Chatalov
Malin Krustev
Yordanka Lyubenova
Todor Madolev
Kalin Arsov
Yordan Bikov
Maya Lisichkova
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