One Way (2009)

A.S. Film, with the support of the Bulgarian National Film Centre
6 min., colour

In the big city, everything is in motion. Cars hurtle down the streets, people hurry along, pressed for time, children and dogs run around in a park, and advertisements flash in lavishly decorated shop-windows. Everything seems in hectic motion. Yet... in a narrow side street two cars are confronting each other. Neither driver is prepared to reverse and let the other pass. Adamant that they will not surrender their positions, they block the traffic and even stop time. Even worse, time starts going backwards...

Directed by Ivan Tsonov
Art Direction by Ivan Tsonov
Original Music by Plamen Tsvetanov
Animation and cleaning by Emil Baruhov, Tsvetomira Nikolova,
Diliana Nikolova, Tzanka Cherneva-Ilieva and Vera Kalcheva
Compositing by Elka Foteva and Vencislav Fotev
Produced by Andrey Slabakoff
Poster by Annie Tsonova
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