The Bus

A public transportation bus leaves a suburb for the city centre with nine passengers on board. Then suddenly it deviates from its route and heads in an unknown direction. It is dark outside. The anonymous driver is hidden from view in his compartment. The passengers start realizing that they will never reach their destination. Fear and panic turn them into an easily manipulated humanoid mass. Are we doing the right thing? Is our response to evil timely? Do we not hunker down when faced with problems, naively hoping they will pass us by? Do we not think too much about ourselves, forgetting that today’s world is small and interdependent, and that what is happening to others may all too easily befall us? If yes, what do we lose of our humanity? How far can one go along the road of moral compromise? Can we stand aside from everything, passive? Is the bus a symbol of arbitrary government or of the short-termism, egoism, and lack of compassion rife in human societies? These are only some of the questions that the play poses while the monstrous vehicle, apparently out of control, hurtles to its destruction.

Selected Productions
Selected Translations
The Theatre of Satire on Vasilevsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia. Directed by Adrian Rostovskiy.
Artbigüe, Angers, France. Directed by Béatrice Poitevin.
Saints Peter and Paul Church, Damascus, Syria. Directed by Wael Maouad.
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