The Perfectionist

A young family lives in a cramped attic. Well, it never seemed that cramped before the two of them decided to buy a wardrobe. They hope they will finally arrange their clothes, which used to be strewn all over the attic, and may even start putting some order into their lives. However, instead of performing its function silently, the wardrobe starts speaking, displaying temper, and interfering ever more brazenly into their lives. To start with, it categorically insists on imposing a straightjacket of extreme orderliness on the family. At this early stage, the husband wants to chop it into firewood but the wife objects, saying this would leave them without a wardrobe. She tries to educate the wardrobe and devotes more and more of her care to it. The wardrobe takes up drawing, requests a pet dog, takes violin lessons, all the while complaining how neglected it feels. Gradually it turns into a tyrant who destroys everything the family has ever had: love, friends, and ambitions...

Selected Productions
Selected Translations
Satirical Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria. Directed by Krikor Azaryan and Margarita Mladenova.
Juozo Miltinio dramos teatras, Panevėžys, Lithuania. Directed by Petar Stoychev.
Satirické divadlo Večerni Brno, Brno, Czech Republic. Directed by Pavel Havránek.
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