Empty Rooms

In an ordinary flat in a prefab building, no different than hundreds of similar flats in the neighbourhood, one wall tears off from the rest of the structure and is about to come crashing down. The owner of the flat, Alexander, an engineer past middle age, rushes to prop up the falling wall panel. After all, how can he be sure that the other panels will stay in place once this wall falls down, when all panels are attached to one another. Once the bedroom collapses, might the kitchen, the lounge and everything else follow? What guarantee that with his flat collapsing, the upper floor won’t come crashing down, and then the floors below, the adjacent staircases and ultimately the whole block of flats? There is, of course, no guarantee. Thus Alexander finds himself forced to keep propping up the panel, almost crushed, at a dead-end. Waiting for someone to come and help him out, he unwittingly starts re-examining his life. The trouble is, nobody comes but a thief...

Selected Productions
Selected Translations
“Sofia” Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria. Directed by Zdravko Mitkov.
Trabzon Devlet Tiyatrosu, Trabzon, Turkey. Directed by Bilge Emin.
Gazi Üniversitesi Tiyatro Akademi, Ankara, Turkey.
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