“I am sure that Equilibrium will disturb the equilibrium in some viewers’ souls.”

Ronald Spencer

“The authors of the film Equilibrium raise the issues of responsibility and resignation, of restlessness and the inertia of compromise, of personal and communal happiness, of downpours and scattered showers in the human conscience in all their seriousness; they are debated earnestly and honestly with the audience.”

Jean Roy

“The authors of Equilibrium are well familiar with the power of the tragic element in art. This is a cathartic, transforming, and ultimately optimistic tragedy. The heroine’s death is a warning to all those whose conscience is ailing or who have become resigned to compromises. It marks the beginning of the real rebirth of the other heroes. It initiates the questions they ask themselves, and the search for answers.”

Alberto Crespi

(Reviews from the 13th International Film Festival in Moscow, 1983)

One Way
Ivan Tsonov, 2009